Governing Council

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The role of the Sydney Catalyst Governing Council (GC) is to develop the overall aims, objectives and strategic plan for Sydney Catalyst.

The membership of the GC is decided by the Director (Professor John Simes) and the five chief investigators on the original CINSW grant that established Sydney Catalyst (see below). The GC is supported by a secretariat, led by the Sydney Catalyst Research Manager.

CINSW Grant Chief Investigators: John Simes, Director; Michael Boyer; Mathew Vadas; Phyllis Butow; Michael Solomon and Rob Sutherland.

Current Governing Council Members:

John Simes

Professor John Simes

Michael Boyer

Professor Michael Boyer AM

Jane Young

Professor Jane Young

Phyllis Butow

Professor Phyllis Butow

Mathew Vadas

Professor Mathew Vadas

David Thomas

Professor David Thomas

phill hogg

Professor Phil Hogg


Associate Professor Philip Beale


Dr Karen Briscoe

Past Members:

Allan Spigelman

Professor Allan Spigelman

Michael Solomon

Professor Michael Solomon

Rob Sutherland

Professor Rob Sutherland AO