Strategic Plan


The Sydney Catalyst 5-year strategic plan is currently being developed.

The following specific goals were identified in our original funding application to Cancer Institute NSW to be completed during 2011-2012 (Year 1):













  1. Establish a Governing Council
  2. Establish Advisory Committees (internal and independent)
  3. Advertise and recruit salaried positions for the central team
  4. Advertise and recruit the Chair of Translational Cancer Research
  5. Develop a 5-year strategic plan for Sydney Catalyst, incorporating the directions outlined in the CINSW application
  6. Hold a 1-day symposium of all TCRC  members to discuss principles of membership, collaboration and research / training opportunities
  7. Establish a T1/T2 and T2/T3 working group to further develop specific research proposals. Each working group will be under the leadership of 
    i) the director or chair of translational cancer research
    ii) a co-lead member from the consortium and supported by the relevant translational research fellow
  8. Undertake a scoping exercise of current educational and training activities using evidence in practice
  9. Initiate a number of pilot projects in T1/T2 and T2/T3 translational research which will be the basis for future externally funded larger studies
  10. The Governing Council will hold an inaugural planning day with Sydney Catalyst group members to develop a strategic plan for Sydney Catalyst
  11. Develop and establish an interactive website for group members


During Years 2 to 5 we will:

  1. Continue the recurrent activities outlined above on an annual basis
  2. Hold educational workshops based on developed educational materials
  3. Hold annual symposium of members
  4. Hold expert external advisory group meetings (annual) and more structured review (years 2 and 5)
  5. Undertake regular seminar program across T1/T2 and T2/T3 members / activities
  6. Identify barriers to implementation and develop a plan for addressing these across rural and urban settings