Our Research

Our research

Sydney Catalyst is a multidisciplinary/multi-institutional endeavour that brings together outstanding teams of researchers and clinicians from leading NSW institutions with the ability to undertake translational research across the full continuum from basic biosciences, molecular biomarker discoveries, descriptive research, clinical trials, and implementation research of best evidence-based care into practice.

The consortium is structured around two main research program areas, namely Theme 1/Theme 2 (T1/T2) translational research integrating basic sciences in clinical research and Theme 2/Theme 3 (T2/T3) translational research on implementing evidence into routine clinical practice.

Within the T1/T2 and T2/T3 pages and project pages you will read about programs identified by Sydney Catalyst Chief Investigators and funded by Sydney Catalyst as 'top-down' research. You will also read about projects chosen for funding from among the Sydney Catalyst membership through competitive Scholarships and Awards funding competitions; 'bottom-up' research.

As a Translational Cancer Research Centre Sydney Catalyst has an important role endorsing and/or taking an active part in a number of projects led by our key member groups and funded by Cancer Institute NSW. You can read about these various projects by clicking on the links on the left.

Sydney Catalyst also plays an important role in disseminating research developed by our individual members. An extensive list of publications is being developed for our Members Area. Highlighted presentations and publications are available by clicking on the link on the left hand side menu. 


Our Research