Embedding Research in Cancer Healthcare (EnRICH)


EnRICH is a Sydney Catalyst flagship program funded by the Cancer Institute NSW, Sydney Local Health District and others.

The program will develop infrastructure to support translational cancer research, initially with a focus on lung cancer. Specifically, EnRICH will assemble a prospective cohort of 1000 newly diagnosed lung cancer patients, and a second cohort of patients with new local recurrence or metastasis, to better define, treat and care for patients in Sydney Catalyst member hospitals.

The program will establish a comprehensive platform for research. It will capture diagnostic tumour specimens and serial blood for molecular and biomarker studies, with matched clinical data to map current patterns of care for the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. It will be benchmarked against quality indicators, together with patient reported outcomes to assess patient and carer perceptions of care, unmet needs and quality of life to identify opportunities for improving services and patient/carer morbidity.   

Chief Investigators

  • Study Chair: Professor John Simes
  • Clinical Lead:Professor Michael Boyer
  • Bench to Bedside Lead:Professor Philip Hogg
  • Evidence into Practice:Professor Jane Young
  • Program Manager:Bea Brown