T1/T2 Pilot and Seed Funded Research


T1/T2 'bottom-up' research Awarded in 2016



T1/T2 'bottom-up' research Awarded in 2015


  • Therapeutic vaccination for acute myeloid leukaemia using mRNA-loaded blood dendritic cells. CIA: Christian Bryant, RPAH
  • Identifying mutations that drive chemoresistance in luminal-type breast cancer. CIA: David Croucher, The Garvan Institute of Medical Research
  • Do changes to chemotherapy dose and increased toxicity explain poorer survival outcomes in advanced cancer patients with systemic inflammation? CIA: Kellie Charles, University of Sydney
  • Cancer Nutrition and Exercise rehabilitation program (CaNE) for patients with advanced cancer at risk of cancer cachexia syndrome - a phase II feasibility study. CIA: Janette Vardy, Concord Repatriation General Hospital


T1/T2 'bottom-up' research Awarded in 2014


  • mRNA Prostate Cancer Antigen Loaded Blood Dendritic Cell Therapy. CIA: Phillip Fromm, Dendritic Cell Biology and Therapeutics Group, ANZAC Research Institute.
  • Nanoparticle Drug Carriers for Externally Triggered and Targeted Chemotherapy. CIA: David McKenzie, University of Sydney
  • Personalised Medicine for Advanced Testicular Cancer: An Evaluation of Genetic Variants to Identify Individuals not Curable with Best Standard Chemotherapy. CIA: Peter Grimison, Chris O'Brien Lifehouse


T1/T2 'bottom-up' research Awarded in 2013


  • Normalisation of tumour angiogenic vessels by a novel miRNA inhibitor. CIA: Jennifer Gamble, Centenary Institute
  • Mutation profiling study of cancer genes in malignant pleural mesothelioma. CIA: Casey Wright, Asbestos Diseases Research Institute
  • Implementing comprehensive next generation cancer mutation profiling in lung cancer. CIA: Sandra O'Toole, RPAH and The Kinghorn Cancer Centre.


T1/T2 'bottom-up' research Awarded in 2012