T2/T3 Top-Down Research




The T2/T3 research program in knowledge translation in cancer has commenced with the flagship project 'Defining Knowledge Translation in Cancer'. This program is being led by the Evidence into Practice T2/T3 Working Group as Chief Investigators and has been approved and funded by the Sydney Catalyst Governing Council (i.e. 'top  down' research). 


The Defining Knowledge Translation in Cancer Flagship program is using an implementation science framework (Knowledge to Action Cycle) to inform knowledge translation activities in cancer.  Over the past three years, the framework has been applied and refined for a program of work in lung cancer.  

The T2/T3 Flagship Project Team has focused on:

  1. Conducting a review of relevant theories, models, and frameworks that inform knowledge translation is being undertaken to draw upon the published knowledge base addressing the implementation of evidence into practice.
  2. Selecting an implementation framework.
  3. Conducting a scoping review of the evidence-practice gaps in lung cancer care to identify where these gaps are likely to occur within Sydney Catalyst  member groups. This scoping review focused on Australian patterns of care and health service utilisation studies, along with quantitative analysis of existing datasets held by Sydney Catalyst members to identify and quantify specific, local evidence practice gaps.
  4. Priority setting with key lung cancer stakeholders (lung cancer multidisciplinary teams). Three workshops were held to determine priority areas for implementing interventions at three hospitals.
  5. Process mapping lung cancer pathways for the three clinical services, conducting qualitative interviews with lung cancer patients and general practitioners, and a medical record audit.
  6. Work is about to commence on a pilot implementation project in lung cancer, focused on improving general practitioner's referral practices to secondary care specialists.
  7. The program is being led by Professor Tim Shaw and is a 'top down' research initiative funded by Sydney Catalyst in the T2/T3 research area .

The Flagship program involves input from the following members:

  • Prof Tim Shaw, Director of Research in Implementation Science and eHealth, Faculty of Health Sciences, Chair T2/T3 Working Group;
  • Dr Nicole Rankin, Sydney Catalyst Translational Research Fellow;
  • Prof Jane Young, Professor in Cancer Epidemiology, Sydney School of Public Health;
  • Prof Phyllis Butow, Co-Director CeMPED & Chair PoCoG, School of Psychology;
  • Prof Sallie Pearson, Head of Medicines Policy Research Unit, Centre for Big Data Research in Health, University of New South Wales 
  • Prof Kate White, Cancer Nursing (Chair), Sydney Nursing School;
  • Prof Jane Phillips, Professor of Palliative Nursing, University of Technology, Sydney
  • Prof Lyndal Trevena, Professor of Primary Health Care, University of Sydney
  • A/Prof Philip Beale, Clinical Director of Cancer Services, Sydney Local Health District b)      

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