Associate Professor Louise Emmett

Louise is a member of the T1/T2 Working group which aims to provide input into the overall Sydney Catalyst program via the generation of new ideas, recommendations for capacity building activities and advocating for the interests of members working in the bench to bedside space.
  • T1/T2 Working Group


Louise is a Nuclear medicine physician with a specialty interest in the PET imaging of prostate Cancer (actually, all PET imaging). She undertook her medical undergraduate training in Auckland, New Zealand, prior to completing her specialty training in Nuclear Medicine in Sydney, and a post specialty fellowship in Toronto, Canada in 2001.

Research Interest: 

Louise has a strong interest in research, having completed a Doctorate of Medicine in 2012. She commenced work as Director of PET at St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney in 2012, and has since initiated radiopharmacy production of both F18 fluoromethylcholine, Ga68 PSMA and Ga68 DOTA on the St Vincent's campus for evaluation of metastatic cancer. She is heavily involved in multidisciplinary cancer research in Australia, including both imaging and therapy.