Associate Professor Natalka Suchowerska

Natalka leads the medical physics research at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse and University of Sydney.
  • T1/T2 Working Group


Natalka graduated with a PhD in medical physics from the University of Sydney, following a career in clinical physics. Her work broadly aims to use novel technologies and fundamental science to improve the treatment of cancer patients and enable high quality effective treatments. Natalka holds a patent portfolio and has an established strong track record of translating research funding into clinically successful outcomes. She has mentored numerous students and her team of researchers has won several awards. 

In 2016, Natalka made the Australian Financial Review and Westpac 100 Women of Influence Awards as a finalist in the innovation category.

Research Interests:  

Natalka is expert in the use of ionizing radiation for therapeutic and diagnostic medical purposes and is committed to advancing technology to enable improved patient outcomes. Her current active projects include the radiobiological effects of non-uniform irradiation and dose enhancement with nanoparticles, innovative use of fibre optics in mini dosimetry for highly conformal radiotherapy, development of real-time dosimetric brachytherapy verification, small field dosimetry and 3D printing of for clinical applications.