John Stubbs

John is a Sydney Catalyst Scientific Advisory Council member and takes an active role in Sydney Catalyst education activities.
  • Scientific Advisory Committee


Holding degrees in Accounting and Arts John is a regular speaker at medical conferences and seminars on cancer policy, advocacy, clinical trials and related issues. John is currently voluntary CEO of CanSpeak, a national cancer consumer advocacy group. In 2009 he was awarded an Honorary Associate of the University of Sydney, School of Medicine for work in the promotion of Clinical Trials in this country and in 2011 a Recognition Award from the Federal Department of Health for - "long standing commitment to advancing the quality of radiation oncology services in this country".

Seventeen years ago John was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia. Since that time he has become a committed and passionate advocate for people affected by cancer.

Research Interests:  

John's commitment is to recognise and support research and clinical trials especially for blood cancers which are often not considered with the main cancer focus on 'tumours', despite the same 'rules' applying - ethics approval, patient consent and participant information. With more people living longer and with cancer we find ourselves in a new environment -the need to understand the issues and develop the evidence to support new treatment protocols for people post cancer. There is now more evidence regarding, exercise, diet, lifestyle and John is extremely interested in supporting research in these areas. John believes interventions of this type can be easily translated into practice, are supported by the cancer community, and for a lot of this research, cost - effective with good outcomes longer term.