Prof Nehmat Houssami

Nehmat is a clinician researcher and a public health physician, and Professor of Public Health at the University of Sydney, Faculty of Medicine and Health. She is a member of Catalyst’s T2/T3 Working Group, and co-Chairs the CRN’s Artificial Intelligence in Cancer Care (AICC) group. She is the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s inaugural Cancer Research Leadership Fellow, and was recently awarded a NHMRC Investigator (Leader) grant to continue her research in population breast cancer screening.
  • T2/T3 Working Group


Nehmat has worked as a breast clinician in screening and diagnostic services for >25 years, including roles as Medical Director of the Sydney Breast Clinic, and Associate Clinical Director of the NSW Breast Cancer Institute. She has progressively focused her time on research over the past decade, to develop and lead a breast cancer research program that generates evidence on breast screening and imaging technologies, to inform practice. She has taken a leading role in Australia and internationally in promoting evidence-based breast diagnostics.                                              

Nehmat particularly enjoys mentoring clinicians who are undertaking research to address problems or knowledge gaps they identify in real world practice. 

Research Interests: 

Nehmat's interests include evaluation of population breast screening and new technologies such as digital breast tomosynthesis and artificial intelligence in screening, pre-operative staging, and the effect of testing on clinical outcomes. Her work has included prospective trials and cohort studies, and she has co-authored international guidelines in both early and advanced breast cancer by contributing evidence synthesis. She has around 270 peer-reviewed publications, and is co-Editor of The Breast.