Professor James Kench

James is an anatomical pathologist at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney and visiting scientist at The Kinghorn Cancer Centre.
  • T1/T2 Working Group


James works with the prostate cancer group at KCC which aims to identify genes and pathways whose expression changes can predict the development of aggressive life-threatening prostate cancer or resistance to chemotherapy used for the treatment of advanced stage prostate cancer. James is also a Chief Investigator on an $11million NHMRC Program grant that is partly focussed on cancer molecular phenotypes, including that of prostate and pancreatic cancer. James is also a member of the International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting (ICCR) Prostate Review Panel, which is defining and standardising reporting of the key pathological factors that determine prognosis and response to therapy in prostate cancer and was a founder and executive committee member of the NSW Pancreatic Cancer Network.

In his spare time James likes to pursue his interests in Roman history, culture and travel.

Research Interests:  

Prostate and pancreatic cancer diagnosis and prognostic biomarkers