Professor Mathew Vadas

Mathew is a Governing Council member and is also responsible for ensuring a close working relationship between the Centenary Institute and Sydney Catalyst.
  • Governing Council
  • Scientific Advisory Committee


Mathew trained in medicine at the University of Sydney and as a physician at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital before completing a doctorate at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne. After postdoctoral work at Harvard, he returned to Australia and built up a significant research enterprise in Adelaide. He was a chief initiator and inaugural Director of the Hanson Centre for Cancer Research (now Hanson Institute). Mathew has also contributed strongly to the Australian biotechnology sector, being involved in the establishment of two ASX listed biotechnology companies. He is a Life Member of the Medical Research Advisory Committee of the Australian Cancer Research Foundation having served as both a member and Chair since 2002.

Mathew's work has been recognised via the Inaugural ISI Citation Laureate in Australia, an honour accorded to approximately the top 0.1% of scientists and In 2012 was awarded an AO for distinguished service to medical and biotechnological research.

Research Interests:  

Mathew's research embodies a multidisciplinary approach to discover new molecules or pathways that may uncover fundamental cellular phenomena and/or lead to novel therapeutics. Using techniques of cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics and genomics, he has primarily focused on endothelial and leucocyte biology with special emphasis on cytokines or growth factors and pathways of cellular signalling.