Professor Neil Watkins

Neil is a physician-scientist and the Petre Chair in Cancer Biology, Lab Head - Cancer Developmental Biology at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research.
  • T1/T2 Working Group


After completing medical school, physician training and a PhD in Perth Western Australia, he moved to the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Centre in Baltimore MD, reaching the rank of Associate Professor of Oncology.  At Johns Hopkins, he worked with by Dr Steve Baylin (Professor of Oncology, Assistant Director of the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Centre) and Dr Phil Beachy (Professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics and Howard Hughes Medical Investigator), both renowned in the fields of cancer epigenetics and developmental biology, respectively.  He returned to Australia to take up the Chair in Cancer Biology at Monash University before moving to the Garvan Institute in 2014 as the Inaugural Petre Chair In Cancer Biology.

Neil is a dedicated wine lover and rugby tragic.

Research Interests:  

Neil's specific interests are in lung, head and neck and pediatric cancer. His basic research focuses on tumour biology, epigenetics, developmental biology and the genetic basis of resistance to chemotherapy.  In translational research, he is recognised for his work on new therapies for lung cancer, and for the treatment of aggressive childhood brain tumours.