Professor Tim Shaw

Tim provides input into the overall Sydney Catalyst program via the T2/T3 Working Group by contributing to the generation of new ideas, recommendations for capacity building and advocating for the interests of members working in the evidence into practice space.
  • T2/T3 Working Group


Tim is the inaugural Professor of eHealth and Director of Research in Implementation Science and eHealth Group (RISe) in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Sydney. He is an internationally recognised leader in the impact of technology on healthcare and translation of evidence into practice and policy. He works at the interface between quality improvement, professional development and implementation science to ensure the rapid and sustained uptake of innovation.

Research Interests:  

Tim and his team have a number of research interests including; how emerging health data can be used by teams and individuals to enhance clinician and team performance and inform quality improvement, how technology can support the rollout of new patient-centred models of care, use of telehealth to support remote care and how facilitated networks and online communities of practice can support translational, multidisciplinary care. In all Tim's research he focusses on practical outcomes and working closely with clinicians, managers and operational teams within healthcare facilities.