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Purpose & Objectives

The aim of Sydney Catalyst is to improve the outcomes of those affected by cancer or at risk of developing it, through discovery, new knowledge and the development and implementation of more effective cancer treatments, supportive care and preventative strategies.  


To achieve this, we have established a translational cancer research program built on a broad cross-disciplinary team with skills in many areas including genomics, cancer biology/molecular oncology and molecular profiling, biobanking, bioinformatics, drug development, biostatistics and clinical epidemiology, as well as strong communication, education and operational strategies to ensure these diverse teams can work collaboratively and effectively.

Subsequent to our initial Translational Cancer Research Centre grant awarded by the Cancer Institute NSW in 2011, Sydney Catalyst a second five year grant in June 2016.

A copy of our Strategic Planning document can be found here.

Major Goals of Sydney Catalyst

  • Goal 1 - Develop and implement a comprehensive research program across the translational continuum - T1, T2 and T3. 



  • Goal 2 - Facilitate improved professional development, communication, and collaboration across the consortium.



  • Goal 3 - Build capacity in research, improve competitive advantage in securing other funds



  • Goal 4 -Challenge the traditional, administrative and institutional barriers between clinicians and researchers to support a culture of embedding research and evidence in cancer healthcare