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Fit for your life: A workshop for physicians & allied healthcare professionals

Workshops and Masterclasses
Monday 10 - Tuesday 11 December, 9am - 5pm
Level 6 Seminar Room Charles Perkins Centre The University of Sydney
University of Sydney

Professor Maria Flatatarone Singh, MD, FRACP presents a series of practical, evidence-baseed lectures for physicians and other healthcare professionals on the integration of exercises in the clinical setting for the prevention and management of chronic disease. 

These presentations will provide the rationale for the use of exercise as medicine, practical guidance on how to screen patients and implement and monitor appropriate exercise modalities in clinical practice, and what clinical outcomes can be expected when these robust and safe techniques are employed. 


Who would benefit from this workshop?

This workshop would be beneficial for healthcare professionals working with older adults with chronic diseases. This includes GPs, geriatricians, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, dieticians, OTs, psychologists, nurses and social workers.

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