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Online Concept Development Workshop

Concept Development Workshops
Friday 25 September 2020

Do you have a cancer implementation research idea that's in its early stages of development? We can assist with its development through our online Concept Development Workshops (CDWs).

We are holding a series of online CDWs, with the first scheduled for Friday, 25 September 2020 @ 11am-12:30pm. Our second and third online workshops will be held in October and November. One concept will be discussed per an online CDW.

Please submit your cancer implementation concept by COB Monday 24 August 2020  if you would like it to be considered for our first online CDW in September. If your concept is not selected for the first CDW, it may be considered for subsequent CDWs.

The Cancer Implementation Science Community of Practice will support the development of presented concepts with the understanding that the investigator intends the project to be a collaborative study. Therefore, by accepting an invitation to the workshop, the investigator undertakes to:

  • Continue developing the concept to funding stage
  • Acknowledge The Cancer Implementation Science Community of Practice

Details of submitted concepts will be kept confidential and will remain the intellectual property of the applicants.
Who can apply?
This workshop is open to all cancer related projects, but priority will be given to concepts submitted by Translational Cancer Research Centre (TCRC) members. If you have yet to join a TCRC please see to find out more about the TCRCs and check your eligibility to join. If you would like implementation science support, please completed this [application form].

The selection process:
Submissions will be reviewed by representatives from the 'Cancer Implementation Science Help Team'.
Submissions will be considered based on:

  • Importance: potential to inform the science and practice of oncology and likely to be of interest to funding bodies
  • Scientific quality: the implementation study design and methods that have been proposed in the CDW application have the potential to be developed into a high-quality research plan
  • Feasibility: the investigators have the required expertise (or we can help identify potential collaborators) and are likely to be able to gather the needed resources to successfully complete the project
  • The project has potential to significantly improve cancer care outcomes

What will you get out of submitting a concept?
If your concept is selected you will receive multiple rounds of feedback from our expert panel. The concept will go through an initial review stage, feedback will be given to you for refinement, then the revised version will be discussed at our online CDW where further feedback will be given.

Who can attend?
Successful investigators and members of their proposed research team will be invited to attend the workshop.

Cancer Implementation Science Help Team
Our 'Cancer Implementation Science Help Team' includes: