Professor Iain McGregor








Professor Iain McGregor

Academic Director

Iain McGregor is the Academic Director of the Lambert Initiative and an NHMRC Principal Research Fellow. He is responsible for academic and organisational leadership, strategic direction, governance and reporting, and the development and achievement of the preclinical and clinical research strategies. Iain oversees a team of more than 25 staff and students, including the Associate Directors, and reports to the Lambert Initiative Internal Management Group (IMG). Renowned in the field of medicinal cannabis research, Iain leads strategic relations, advocacy and education.

In addition to medicinal cannabis, Iain's research spans medicinal chemistry, the use of cellular assays and preclinical animal models of disease, and clinical trials in humans. His major areas of research interest include:

  • the beneficial effects of oxytocin on social behaviour
  • the development of novel treatments for addiction-related and mental health problems
  • analysis of the increasing use of prescription psychotropic drugs in Australia and other countries
  • pharmaco-epidemiology
  • the study of olfaction and pheromones

Iain is a well-known figure in the field of medicinal cannabis research and has published more than 50 papers on cannabinoids, his first one more than 20 years ago. He has more than 200 career publications and an h-index of 57'