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CDW with Professor John Simes

Concept Development Workshops
November 2017
Chris O'Brien Lifehouse
Sydney Catalyst

Clinical Dilemmas Concept Development Workshop 

Sydney Catalyst recently hosted a Clinical Dilemmas Concept Development workshop for members; the aim of the workshop was to give participants the opportunity to present their research concept to members of the Sydney Catalyst T2T3 Working Group and workshop their ideas with this panel of experts in the T2T3 field.

The T2T3 Working Group has broad expertise in health services, epidemiology, biostatistics, psycho-oncology, cancer nursing and palliative care research.

The four concepts discussed were:

Dr Jesse Jansen - Breast Cancer-Rates of Contralateral Prophylactic Masectomy (CPM) have been increasing, despite low risk and decreasing rates of contralateral breast cancer (CBC), no associated survival advantage with CPM and the potential for harm.

Dr Rafael Calvo - Communication Skills - An online training platform with facial expression recognition technology specifically designed to support communication skills development in medical students and doctors.

Dr Megan Best - Geonomic Testing - The challenges for medical oncologists in consenting patients for genomic testing, and returning results to patients and their families (if germline mutations are found).

Dr Caroline Watts - Melanoma -Despite high quality evidence for Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy (SLNB) as a prognostic indicator, there is poor compliance with clinical practice guidelines that specify that SLNB should be considered for patients with a melanoma >1.00 mm.


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