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Social Media for Researchers Workshop

Workshops and Masterclasses
11am - 1pm Tuesday 16 July 2019
The University of Sydney
Sydney Catalyst

Hosted by Associate Professor Haryana Dhillon, this unique workshop will help you to learn how to use the power of Social Media to share your research and build your network.

#SoME social media? So what?

If you aren't sure why to bother with Social Media and have no clue as to how it is relevant to your research, career and collaborations then this session is for you! Many people are overwhelmed with the thought of engaging with social media, wary of the time sink it could become and worried about trolls and misrepresentation. We want to bust the myths and show you it is possible to survive and thrive in the #twittersphere, you just need to find your voice and audience and reflect what is important to you.