Carolyn Mazariego

Carolyn is a PhD Candidate at Cancer Council NSW and the University of Sydney's School of Public Health, under the supervision of Associate Professor David P. Smith. 



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Carolyn completed her Bachelor of Health Science at the University of Florida in 2013, and her Master of International Public Health at the University of Sydney in 2015. Her PhD research is centred around the concept of cancer survivorship. Using the NSW Prostate Cancer Care and Outcomes Study, a population-wide cohort, Carolyn aims to evaluate the long-term outcomes of a prostate cancer diagnosis. Including affects to survival, quality of life, continuing or novel reported supportive care needs, and exploring how men coped and adjusted to life post-prostate cancer. Ultimately, this investigation will allow for improved health planning to help shape both decisions and policies for men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer in the future.




Cancer prevention

Behavioural science

Cancer survivorship

Health psychology

Psychosocial outcomes associated with chronic illness

Implementation science



Avoiding the 'Survivorship Abyss': Qualitative insights from survivors of prostate cancer 15 years post-diagnosis

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