Jenna Smith

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Jenna is a PhD candidate in the Sydney School of Public Health, University of Sydney. She completed her Honours in Psychology in the Lab in 2018 under the supervision of Associate Professor Jesse Jansen, with a particular interest in cancer screening in older adults. Jenna commenced her PhD in March 2020 to continue her studies in this area under the supervision of Professor Kirsten McCaffery, Associate Professor Jesse Jansen, Dr Rachael Dodd, Dr Erin Cvejic, and Professor Vasi Naganathan. Many older people (aged 75+) who are frail, have multiple comorbidities and limited life expectancy, continue to be screened for cancer, despite international guidelines suggesting they should not. The aim of Jenna's PhD is to investigate psychological strategies to support older adults to make informed cancer screening decisions. 



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Developing a psychological intervention to support older adults in making informed cancer screening decisions

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