Yomna Saleh




 Yomna Saleh is a PhD candidate at Faculty of Medicine and Health, Sydney University.  She is working at the Kolling Institute of Medical Research. Yomna started her career as a dentist after completing her Bachelor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Medicine Degrees in Egypt. After that, she obtained her post-graduate degree in Oral Pathology from the Faculty of Dentistry at Tanta University in Egypt. She has been awarded a fully funded scholarship from the Higher Education Ministry in Egypt to study her PhD at Sydney University. Her thesis focuses on the role of autophagic pathway in cancer progression, metastasis and chemo-resistance and how to effectively target it. Her research interests include; oral cancer autophagy, chemo-resistance and breast cancer metastasis





Development of Novel Autophagy Inhibitors Based Anti-Cancer Combination Therapy

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