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Virtual Posters - SCITRS2019

Virtual Posters will be published on the website as they are received, you can submit a virtual poster at any time, the sooner you submit it the more exposure it will receive. You are welcome to submit a previously presented poster.

Virtual Posters are great opportunity to network and connect with your colleagues prior to the Symposium and we strongly encourage you to take part.

Instructions for submitting your Virtual Poster. 

Important dates

  • Registrations and call for abstracts and virtual posters open - 4 February 2019
  • Close of abstracts - 12 May 2019.
  • Selected presenters notified (10 minute oral presentations) - 1 July 2019
  • Symposium - 19 September 2019


Virtual Poster Presentations and Abstracts

Merran Findlay
Nutrition,  SCITCRS 2019 Working Group,  T2T3,  Virtual Poster
Merran Findlay
Contact Merran Merran Findlay is the Executive Research Lead - Cancer Nutrition and Oncology Specialist Dietitian across the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital - Chris O'Brien Lifehouse par...
Thomas Johnson
Mesothelioma,  T1T2,  Virtual Poster
Thomas Johnson
I am a third-year PhD student at the Asbestos Diseases Research Institute and am supervised by A/Prof. Andrew Burgess from the ANZAC Research Institute, A/Prof. Glen Reid from the University o...
Ashleigh Parkin
Pancreatic Cancer,  T1T2,  Virtual Poster
Ashleigh Parkin
Ashleigh completed a Bachelor of Advanced Science (with Honours), majoring in genetics, molecular biology, microbiology and pathology at University of New South Wales, Sydney in 2015. In 2...