Carolyn Mazariego


Carolyn completed her Bachelor of Health Science (cum laude) at the University of Florida in 2013. In 2014, she moved to Australia to undertake the Master of International Public Health at the University of Sydney. She is currently the Senior Research Assistant and PhD candidate of the NSW Prostate Cancer Care and Outcomes Study (PCOS) with the Cancer Council NSW, through the School of Public Health at the University of Sydney. PCOS is a population-based cohort study of men with prostate cancer which aims to determine differences in overall and disease-specific self-reported quality of life for men with prostate cancer and different treatment modalities. Her research also aims to describe how aging may be a factor on the prostate cancer survival experience and examine what coping styles survivors used to adjust to a diagnosis of prostate cancer and how these might affect survival. Ultimately, this investigation will allow for better planning to help shape both decisions and policies for men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer in the future.