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Membership is open to clinicians, researchers, students and allied health professionals whose primary area of interest is cancer treatment, research or education. 

Members usually belong to one of our Member Groups whom we refer to as "Our Partners" but individual membership applications may also be considered. 


Members have exclusive access to Sydney Catalyst offerings including:

  • eligibility to apply for Sydney Catalyst funding through the Sydney Catalyst Scholarships and Awards Scheme and the Sydney Catalyst Pilot and Seed Funding Program
  • eligibility to apply for Cancer Institute NSW funds via those schemes that require membership and/or support of a Translational Cancer Research Centre 
  • access to exclusive Sydney Catalyst education and networking events, including our Education Dinner Series, webinars and symposia
  • access to a range of online resources and tools through the Sydney Catalyst e-Newsletter and website, including our unique Research Marketplace
  • access to  Research Support, which may include help to create new or strengthen existing collaborations, advice and/or input into concept and/or protocol development and support for funding applications
  • the opportunity to participate in a range of themed working groups and committees and contribute actively to the Sydney Catalyst program.