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Sydney Catalyst Awarded a Second CINSW TCRC Grant

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15 April 2016

The next five years will see a consolidation and expansion of the work we have already done towards our ultimate goal of improving outcomes for people affected by cancer. We will achieve this goal by facilitating practice improving research, and its more rapid adoption into routine care.



We will enable the translation of clinical, service delivery and system problems into research questions and we will facilitate evidence into practice research, including the development and translation of current best evidence into care.

We have identified three major flagship programs, including continuing our hugely successful 'bottom up' Pilot & Seed Funding and Scholarships and Awards Schemes, as well as launching a large-scale, multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional program entitled EnRICH - embedding research into cancer healthcare. We will be providing further information about EnRICH to all members soon, but, in brief, the program will identify gaps in evidence and practice for lung cancer and facilitate new research and interventions to address these gaps.

Whereas previous studies have focused on a particular aspect of research or care, EnRICH includes all aspects of treatment and care to ensure a comprehensive approach to improving outcomes for cancer patients. While lung cancer has been chosen as an initial exemplar, this unique translational research program will also establish essential infrastructure for future research in other cancers.

Our success is a testament to the commitment and effort of our members, all 500 of you, and the support from our member groups. This is an exciting time for us and we are hoping all our members will be involved. To this end, we'd like to invite you to our inaugural Members' Meeting and Research Showcase happening on Thursday 11 August at the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse. We will use this important meeting to gain your feedback and input on the proposed future direction of Sydney Catalyst and will also take the opportunity to highlight some of the amazing research we have already supported in the past, present and future. While our own funding announcement is obviously great news for us, the major investment announcement includes some other new grants and fellowships awarded to Sydney Catalyst members, including:

  • Future Research Leader Fellowship Dr Mark Larance - University of Sydney
  • Early Career Fellowships Dr Angelica Marie Merlot - University of Sydney
  • Dr James Wilmott - Melanoma Institute Australia
  • Dr Phillip Fromm - Anzac Research Institute Career Development Fellowhships
  • Dr Anne Cust - University of Sydney
  • Dr Lenka Munoz - University of Sydney

A big congratulations to all from the Sydney Catalyst Team.

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