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Sydney Catalyst member Brooke Nickel's research featured in the news

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14 August 2018

We are always very proud to read of our members' achievements and it is no surprise to see PhD candidate Brooke Nickel featured in the ABC news, discussing why health professionals should consider dropping the 'cancer' label from low-risk diagnoses.  


University of Sydney researcher Brooke Nickel said some cancer diagnoses were causing more harm than good.

"Over the past few decades our understanding of cancer has changed," Ms Nickel said.

"Once we find the cancer, it's just really hard not to do anything about it, and that's been ingrained in public messaging over decades about what cancer is.

"But we now know that some cancers are non-growing or so slow growing that they will never cause harm to an individual if left undetected or untreated."

The PHD candidate said the analysis showed it was time to heed calls from other international bodies and experts to stop using the word cancer in low-risk situations.

"Basically, stop telling people with very low-risk conditions that they have cancer if they are very unlikely to be harmed by it," she said.


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