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Our Research

Here you'll find information about our Flagship programs and other projects. Use the filters below to display research of interest using one of the three categories.
  • T1,T2,T3 | Flagship Completed Prior June 2016
    Sydney Catalyst Scholarships Awarded pre July 2016
    We aim to encourage training and development of outstanding researchers and clinicians from within Sydney Catalyst units, who have the potential to develop highly significant ca...
  • T1 | Flagship Completed Prior June 2016
    Lorraine Chantrill and team: IMPACT Trial
    Individualized Molecular Pancreatic Cancer Therapy (IMPaCT) aimed to improve outcomes for patients with advanced pancreas cancer by using molecular analysis of tumor tissue to guide treatment ...
    Personalised medicineClinical TrialsPancreatic cancerTreatment
  • T1 | Sydney Catalyst Supported
    David Croucher: Mapping and manipulating therapeutically induced JNK network architecture to tackle breast cancer chemoresistance
    The current generation of cancer therapies mostly target components of signalling pathways, being either small molecule inhibitors or monoclonal antibodies to cell surface receptors. It is fas...
    Breast CancerChemo resistance
  • T2,T3 | Sydney Catalyst Supported
    Phyllis Butow & team: A sustainable and supported clinical pathway for managing anxiety and depression in cancer patients: Developing and evaluating components and testing implementation strategies
    Anxiety and depression are common in those diagnosed with cancer, causing suffering to individuals and their families and potentially increasing health services usage and decreasing adherence ...
    PsychosocialPsychologyEvidence-based practiceClinical TrialsAnxietyDepression
  • T1 | Sydney Catalyst Supported
    CINSW RIGs and REGs
    The CINSW Research Equipment and Infrastructure Grants Program is directed to providing substantial funding for key research platforms, core equipment and capacities to enhance the cancer rese...
    Research EquipmentResearch InfrastructureCINSW
  • T2,T3 | Flagship Completed Prior June 2016
    David Barnes and Team: Lung Cancer Demonstration Project
    Cancer Australia engaged four demonstration sites (in four States) to conduct projects that would address five principles of breast practice lung cancer care. Sydney Local Health District part...
    Implementation researchLung cancerMDT
  • T2 | Flagship Completed Prior June 2016
    John Simes and Team: MDT scoping project
    The aim of this research was to describe the multi-disciplinary teams (MDTs) in our consortium and to share findings with survey participants to provide them an opportunity to learn more abou...
  • T2 | Flagship Completed Prior June 2016
    Nicole Rankin and Team: Sydney Catalyst Member Experience Survey
    The aim of this research was to qualitatively explore the experiences of members of Sydney Catalyst to identify members' understanding and perceptions of translational research, benefits of me...
    Member Experience
  • T1 | Flagship Completed Prior June 2016
    Sonia Yip: Biobanking - Patient and healthcare Professional Attitudes and Experiences of universal consent (B-PPAE)
    The Biobanking Qualitative Evaluation Project was initially developed to explore patient and health professional views of universal consent for biobanking procedures. It was later expanded to canv...
    Lung cancerBiobankingConsent
  • T1,T2 | Flagship Completed Prior June 2016
    Phil Hogg and Team: Measure of Thrombotic Risk in Cancer Patients
    Thrombotic events are a major cause of death in cancer patients and are associated with worsened short‐term and long‐term survival. Prof Hogg and his team developed a new diagnostic test for ...